Middle Ages Man

This is an original film idea of mine. It is based on a dream that I had.

So this guy’s date cancels on him, and he has decided that he’s going to go to the Renaissance Festival anyway, right? Even if he has to go alone…

…along the way he drives his car straight into an extremely rare time warp phenomena…

…but he’s totally unaware of it all. He runs out of gas and walks the rest of the way to the fair…

…and he’s completely oblivious to the fact that he is now stuck in the Middle Ages!

He thinks he’s actually at Renfest right now. He’s so dense that he honestly can’t figure it out.

“Help me!!”

“They’ve done a pretty good job this year, they’ve definitely stepped up the realism.”

“Hello, ladies. Oh, sweet! And look over there!”

“…they’ve even really stepped up the Jousting event…”

“That actually looked like it *really hurt*!”

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