New Updates

I added a few new updates to the website, including a few games both old and new.

You’ll find links to a couple of free to play games, Rud’s Rails and Urban Terror. They are both very old Quake 3 Arena mods that have been turned into free online only PC games.

I will be hosting servers for both games again soon. Urban Terror will feature a lot of maps I created myself on a server called ROCKS CUSTOM MAPS.


And RUD’S RAILS is another free to play game that I put together myself actually. I will put it on Steam and try to get people to play it again.

You’ll also find a link to the old Mega Man Perfect Harmony fan game I was making a very long time ago. I’m not going to update my fan games anymore, but I will start hosting them here one by one since people keep asking for them.

The New Perfect Harmony is going to be released on Steam on November 11th! Be sure to check it out and follow us on Twitter!

Anyway, I hope you guys check it all out! I will have those servers up soon so we can all play online again together, like back when Rocks Clan was still around!

See you soon!